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PD Defect Location in High-Voltage Equipment Insulation by Acoustic Sensors To act on deteriorating insulation the source of PD must be known.The insulation defects produce partial discharges, which emits electrical impulses, radiation of electromagnetic waves as well as acoustic signals.The AR700 measures acoustic signals with multiple sensors spread over the transformer. Then the software determines the failure location using the time difference of all incoming signals. Finally, these coordinates are shown in a 3D model of the transformer. AR700 device is used for measuring of acoustic signals on the external surfaces of gas-insulated breakers and substations, power transformers and other tank high-voltage equipment. The acoustic signals are caused by partial discharges in the insulation, which is the sigh of the defects.The advantage of “AR700” device is the quick installation of the acoustic PD sensors on the external surface of high-voltage equipment tank. The sensors have magnetic holder that is why there is no need to de-energize the equipment for the sensors installation. “AR700” device has 4 syn-chronic channels for acoustic signal measurement. This gives the possibility not only to find the defects in the insulation, but also to locate them. The location function of the “AR700”device is unique for acoustic devices.



  • The signal analyses and the PD zone location could be carried out both in manual and automatic modes.
  • Software calculates the fault location based on the time difference between the incoming signals.And report is generated about PD source location.
  • Convenient and handy through light weight, small size and battery operation.
  • Can be used for multiple assets like Transformers, CTs, GIS, Cables etc.
  • Defect type identification by synchronised measurement of PD


Parameter AR700
Acoustic channels for PD measuring 
Frequency range of acoustic sensors 30 - 300 kHz
High-frequency channels for PD measuring 1
Frequency range of high-frequency sensors 0.1 - 20 MHz
LCD resolution  480x272pixel
PC connection USB
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 ºc 
Humidity <98%, noncondensing 
Operating time from build-in accumulator 8 hours
Device weight, without sensors 1.1 kg
Dimensions of transportation case 520x435x230mm
Device weight in carrying case 12kg
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