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MD 5060x

MD 5060x

The Megabras MD-5060x is a smart, microprocessor-controlled, 5kV insulation tester and analyzer. Besides the conventional measurement of insulation resistances up to 5 TW, its advanced features allow to automatically measure both the Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Index, thus significantly simplifying testing of transformers.

This insulation tester is a portable, battery-powered equipment. Test voltage may be chosen from 500V to 5 kV in 100 dddV increments. Due to its measurement principle (actual voltage and current readings) the accuracy of resistance measurement is not affected by any test voltage error. Nevertheless, the High-Voltage generator is electronically stabilized with a better than 2% accuracy in open-circuit condition and for any normal operation battery voltage.

The MD-5060x is powered using a rechargeable battery and has an automatic charger that may be connected to 100 - 240V mains supply. The cabinet is strong and lightweight, easy to carry, impact-resistant and suitable to be used under severe weather conditions. Thus the megohmmeter supplies very reliable and accurate measurements both in laboratory and out in the field.


  • Insulation resistance
  • Auto-range
  • Guard terminal
  • Automated tests:
    • Absorption index
    • Polarization index
  • Real time clock
  • 4000 Readings memory
  • USB Interface
  • Programable pass-fail
  • Built-in printer
  • Rechargeable battery


Test Voltages

500 V, 1,000 V, 2,500 V, 5,000 V directly, one button selectable

500 V to 5 kV in 100 V increments.

DC, negative.

Maximum resistance reading 5 TΩ @ 5 kV.
Short circuit current 1.5 ± 0.5 mA.
Megohmmeter basic accuracy ± 3% of nominal test voltages on 10 GΩ.
Advanced features

Automated Polarization Index calculation.

Automated Dielectric Absorption Ratio calculation

Programmable Pass-Fail test.

Step Voltage Test.

Built-in printer Prints elapsed time, actual voltage and resistance measured each 15 seconds.
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