SCOPE offers Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) Simulation System for Research Institutes and University laboratories for student engagement and research purpose.


Figure1: Sample setup at NITTR Chandigarh

The WAMS Simulation System consists of Real Time Simulator (such as OPAL-RT and RTS) with hardware-in-loop physical PMUs (by Vizimax).

Vizimax offers a PMU variant (PMU-RTS) specially designed for the hardware-in-loop integration with all Real Time Simulators by providing AC measuring inputs (Currents and Voltage) to be compatible with low voltage signals (10Vrms). Key benefits of the Vizimax PMU are:

  • Current and voltage phasors, frequency and ROCOF measurements exceeding C37.118 requirements for both M and P classes. Adjustable reporting rates: Up to 200/240 frames per second for 50/60 Hz.
  • Optional built-in GPS Receiver allowing for precision time synchronization even in the absence of external sources or clocks. 
  • Precision time synchronization server: synchronize other devices, IEDs, controllers when fitted with the built-in GPS Receiver or when synchronized via PTP 1588. 

Success Story: WAMS Simulation System installation at NITTR Chandigarh

In collaboration with OPAL-RT, SCOPE has successfully commissioned a Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) Simulator System at NITTR Chandigarh. 

We configured the OPAL-RT Simulator to simulate a Power system Network and added virtual and physical PMUs (Vizimax PMU-RTS) on the network to create a complete hardware in loop simulation. We also installed and commissioned a GPS system at the laboratory to time synchronise the physical PMUs (Vizimax PMU-RTS) and the Opal-RT Simulator.

The physical PMUs and virtual PMUs produce synchrophasor measurements of voltages and currents. This data is sent to the Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) over IEEE C37.118 protocol. Vizimax PMU-RTS can send the data up to 200 frames per second for a 50 Hz system & upto 240 Frames per second for a 60 Hz system.

The Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) utilises the synchrophasor measurements for Dynamic Monitor, Control and manage the complete Power Grid Network.

At NITTR Chandigarh, the university faculty and students utilise this system to study and research the Power system network, Load flow analysis, effect of increasing demand on Power system, Utility network, Micro grid network, analysis of Synchrophasor measurements and more.


OPAL-RT Real Time Simulator                                                                       Vizimax PMU-RTS


Notable Projects Implemented :  University  Project 
1  VJTI, Mumbai Developing Microgrid and WAMS system using OPAL-RT Simulator and Vizimax PMU
2 NITTR, Chandigarh Developing Microgrid and WAMS system using OPAL-RT Simulator and Vizimax PMU
3 IIT, Delhi For Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) using Simulator and RTU unit. 
4 BHEL Hyderabad Research Purpose
  and many more...