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Hi-Pot Series

Hi-Pot Series

SCOPE offers HPT Series of High Voltage Test Sets capable of injecting variable High Voltage from zero to maximum rated output voltage continuously. Wide range Hi-Pots, up to 50kV, are available in different output options such as power frequency AC or DC or AC-DC Combined. HPT Series is specifi cally designed for safe and accurate measurement of leakage current to evaluate insulation integrity of transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. Years of Design, engineering and manufacturing experience have made HPT Series of High Voltage Testers the most durable, easily operated and best-designed sets in the segment.

The product was designed considering the importance of safety of the operator and thus we provide independent Control Unit & High Voltage Transformer. The kit has various interlock to avoid any kind of accident while doing the high voltage test set.


    • User friendly and simple operation
    • Compact, Lightweight and Housed in rugged transport case
    • Ideal choice for testing dielectric withstanding capacity of insulation
    • Available with the option of Combine or Separate Control Unit
    • Analog or Digital meters is provided for displaying output voltage in kV and current in mA
    • Different Protections / Interlocks to ensure user safety such as Variac Zero Interlock, Emergency Stop,Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Earth OK Interlock, Input Supply Protection etc.
    • User-friendly indications such as Power ON, HV ON-OFF, Earth OK, Over / Under Voltage etc.
    • Optional Timer, Foot / Hand Switch and Beacon / Buzzer for additional Safety
    • Protective terminals to prevent any accidental contact with HV
    • Automatic discharge upon shutdown


Output Voltage

Max Output Current Option (Imax)

AC DC 10mA 20mA 25mA 50mA 100mA
HPT 3A 3kV -
HPT 3D - 3kV
HPT 3C 2kV 3kV
HPT 5A 5kV -
HPT 5D - 5kV
HPT 5C 3kV 5kV
HPT 10A 10kV -
HPT 10D - 10kV
HPT 10C 7kV 10kV
HPT 15A 15kV - -
HPT 15D - 15kV -
HPT 15C 10kV 15kV -
HPT 20A 20kV - -
HPT 20D - 20kV -
HPT 20C 14kV 20kV -
HPT 25A 25kV - -
HPT 25D - 25kV -
HPT 25C 17kV 25kV -
HPT 30A 30kV - - -
HPT 30D - 30kV - -
HPT 30C 21kV 30kV - -
HPT 40A 40kV - - -
HPT 40D - 40kV - -
HPT 40C 28kV 40kV - -
HPT 50A 50kV - - -
HPT 50D - 50kV - -
HPT 50C 35kV 50kV - -


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