Miles ahead of conventional SCADA solutions available in the market, SCOPE SCADA is a highly scalable platform with a wide range of modules that can be easily customised to meet all your automation requirements. 

Key Features 

  1. Wide range of applications like:
    • Electrical Substation Automation Systems (SAS)
    • Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)
    • Historian and Data Warehousing
    • Plant Information Management System (PIMS)
    • Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)
    • Operational Dashboards, KPI and OEE Indicators
    • Manufacturing Execution System (MES), etc.
  2. Developed end-to-end on .NET framework with no legacy code for ageless scalability.
  3. Includes real time tags and assets database, user templates, alarms and events, SQL tables and queries, XML, CSV, XPS and PDF reports, built-in embedded SQL database engine and web server, scripting, scheduling, OPC server and client, native communication protocols, graphical designer and intuitive user interface displays that are easily accessible from web or native mobile apps
  4. Integrates WCF framework to seamlessly develop service-oriented applications in a distributed computing environment
  5. Facilitates vendor independence by flawlessly interoperating with multiple OEMs through IEC-61850 and other relevant communication protocols.
  6. Native in-built protocol drivers eliminating the need for separate protocol conversions:
    • IEC-61850  
    • IEC-60870- 5-101 Master & Slave
    • IEC-60870- 5-104 Master & Slave
    • MODBUS
    • IEC-60870- 5-103
    • DNP 3.0
    • ICCP 
    • CIM-XML 
    • OPC-UA Client & DA Client
    • IVR 
    • And many more…
  7. Unlimited number of active communication lines (serial and/or over TCP/IP)
  8. Unlimited number of Intelligent Electronic Devices (RTUs, IEDs, etc.)
  9. Distributed Client-Server Architecture for easy scalability
  10. Unmatched customisation capabilities for  future-proof application usage 

Notable Project Implementations Projects
1  ADMS project at Assam Power Distribution Company limited 
2  Suzlon Monitoring Centre 
3 Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited  RT-DAS Centre  
4 Telangana State Power Distribution Company Limited RT-DAS Centre 
5  Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited Sub-station monitoring system for 33kV Sub-stations
And many more ..

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