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SCOPE introduces CB SCOPE – Loco Vaccum Circuit Breaker Test System; the ultimate solution for testing Loco Circuit Breakers of all types. CB SCOPE is the most complete analyzer for checking the dynamic performance of LOCO VCB’s.

The portable analyser has intelligent measuring modules controlled by an external laptop through an Ethernet link. CB SCOPE actually gives you the power to design your own condition based maintenance strategy and obtain optimum breaker performance with minimum maintenance shutdowns.

CB SCOPE Measures timings, bounce, and simultaneity of contacts. Analyses contact travel characteristics for speed, contact gap, over-travel and rebound. Records trip and close coil current characteristics.


  • Tests all types of Loco VCBs for all critical performance parameters of Loco VCB.
  • Measures timings, contact, bounce, simultaneity of contacts.
  • Analyses contact travel characteristics for speed, contact gap, over-travel and rebound.
  • Records trip / close & holding coil current characteristics.
  • Displays settings, graphical natures and tabulated test results in software generated test report.
  • Prints test report in graphical format with test header and calculation footer, on external printer optional.
  • Incorporates powerful and practical Windows™ based Test Manager Software to control & operate instrument; also to view, analyse and handle graphical test data on a laptop at high resolution.
  • Selects pre-programmed setup parameters and pass/fail limits through software.
  • Connects to VCB with wear resistant test leads of sufficient length, having quick-fit connectors, suitable for Loco VCBs.
  • Transport instrument over long distance in rugged industrial aluminium case.


Parameter  CB SCOPE
Contact  Channels  3:2 for Double Bottle Loco VCB, 1 Spare
Sampling Speed   1mS to 40Sec at 1 kC, 0.05mS to 2Sec at 20kC
Resolution 1mS at 1kC, 0.05mS at 20kC
Coil Current  2: Closing / Tripping or Holding coil current, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25A DC
Voltage (Travel) 2:Travel characteristics, 0-5V DC
Breaker Control Two solid state contacts rated at 35A AC/DC for breaker operation
Trigger Options Open Close, C-O, O-C, O-C-O, and delay between operations configurable
Sampling Speed

20kC, 10kC, 5kC, 2kC, 1kC selectable

Travel Channel  For linear / rotary resistive transducers. 0-5V DC excitation source in-built
Communication Port  Ethernet port for communication between laptop and instrument
Dimensions 365 x 290 x 260 mm
Instrument Weight  10 Kg
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