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Prima Series

Prima Series

Prima Series is designed for Primary Current Injection Testing of Current Transformers, Protection Relays & Circuit Breakers during their Factory Test, Commissioning and Routine Testing. 

It is also tests the secondary current of Current Transformers and for other applications that require variable high currents. 

The Kit is designed for most optimal use of man and machine and is suitable to work in live switch yard conditions. Kit to be used for the injection of high current to the Primary side of the CT as per the guidelines of IEC 60044 / IEC 61869 and is suitable to work in live switch yard conditions up to 765kV.Prima consists of a separate Control Unit and Loading Transformer, it enables user to take the Loading Transformer nearest to the DUT’s terminal.

The weight of both the Output lead and overall kit reduces considerably. The kit has trolley / wheel mounted arrangement  for easy transportation. The innovative design of Prima gives the ultimate flexibility to the user to use the full capacity of the Loading Transformer by adjusting the output voltage and current as per requirement.



      • A radically new design makes Prima the lightest available kit in its category
      • Modular & Rugged design for easy transportation
      • Suits equally to Utilities, OEMs, Test Labs as well as Testing & Commissioning Companies
      • User friendly and simple standalone operation with Timer Function
      • Continuous Current output up to 1000A / 2000A / 3000A AC
      • Configurable current output of ‘Rated’, ‘Rated/2’ & ‘Rated/4’
      • Auto cut-off if the output current exceeds 110% of the selected range
      • Course Control through ‘Raise’ & ‘Lower’ Switch and Fine Control through rotary knob
      • Secondary Current measurement function through Clamp-on CT – first of its kind in its category
      • Selectable Secondary Current Ranges of 1A, 5A & 10A
      • Safety features like input supply fuses, MCBs, Power ON indications
      • Automatic Variac Zero operation at power on
      • Slow-blow fuse at mains input and MCB for overload protection
      • Output On-Off function in Control Unit
      • Trolley with collapsible handle for easy transportation
      • Additional lifting handles provided for easy lifting of the kit
      • Specially designed highly flexible flameproof output cable with higher current rating



Parameters  Prima 1 Prima 2 Prima 3
Max Current  1000A AC 2000A AC 3000A AC
Max Capacity  2300VA 4600VA 6400VA
Max Burden  1500VA 2750VA 4000VA
Duty Cycle  Duty Cycle 
Current Measurement 

Primary : Directly through Rogowski Coil, Up to 120% of the Max Current

Secondary : Directly through Clamp-on CT, Up to 150% of the Max Current

Timer 9.999 Second to 999.9 Hours
Display Primary & Secondary Current : 5 Digit LED, Timer : 4 Digit LED
Resolution  Primary : 0.1A, Secondary : 0.1mA
Accuracy  Current : ±0.5% of Reading ±0.5% of Range, Timing : ±0.05%
Operation  Front Panel
Cooling  Natural Air Cooled
Supply Voltage  230V AC ± 15%, 50Hz ± 10%, Single Phase

Operating Temp. : -10°C to 50°C, Storage Temp. : -20°C to 60°C

Humidity : Up to 95% RH (Non-condensing)


Control Unit : 520mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 600mm (H)

Loading CT : 230mm (Ø) x 130mm (H)

Weight (Approx)

Control : 35kg

Loading : 18kg

Test Leads : 15kg

Control : 38kg

Loading : 19kg

Test Leads : 20kg

Control : 40kg

Loading : 20kg

Test Leads : 25kg

Primary Current Table

2 Nos

3 Nos  4 Nos
Standard Accessories 

Control Unit & Loading Transformer – 1 Each

Mains Input Cable, 3/5m & Booster Cable 10m/15m/20m – 1 Each

120mm2 Primary Current Cable with Lugs at both end, 2m – 1 Set

Rogowski Coil, Rogowski Coil Connector Box & Clamp-on CT – 1 Each

Rogowski interconnection Cable, 10m/15m/20m – 1 No

Secondary Clamp-on CT interconnection Cable, 6m/8m/10m – 1 No

Master Earthing Cable, 10m – 1 No

Tools (Nut & Bolts, Spanner etc.) – 1 Set

Soft bag for Loading Transformer & Test lead set carrying case – 1 Each

Factory Test & Calibration Report and Operation Manual – 1 Each

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