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Underground cable faults cannot be avoided due to many factors such as road widening, infrastructure improvement, digging carried out for repairs of other underground utilities etc.

The new generation CFL PL4 Cable Fault Prelocator from SCOPE is the ultimate solution for locating underground cable faults in minimum time. It uses advanced technology for fault distance measurement which helps even an unskilled operator to locate the fault accurately.

CFL PL4 portable Prelocator is used for identification of fault types in underground cables and the distance of fault. These products are designed to fi nd out various types of faults in the cable such as Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Splice in Cable, High Resistance, Moisture Ingress, etc. Various modes of operation combined with advanced features off ers user the most effective solution for the job.


  • User friendly operation
  • Wide measurement range up to 64km
  • Highest measurement accuracy of ±1% of selected range
  • High speed sampling of 200MHz
  • Automatic Cable End detection
  • Automatic Fault Point detection
  • Zoom function for detailed analysis of the waveform
  • Asynchronous interference & noise suppression
  • Adjustable Gain and Balance
  • Inbuilt memory to store 300 waveforms with USB connectivity
  • "Print-screen" function to save image in JPG
  • PC Software for waveform analysis and report preparation 
  • High resolution 8” Colour Touchscreen display
  • Mains as well as Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery operated
  • Housed in weather proof molded case



Parameters CFL PL4
Modes of Operation


SIM / MIM / ARC (Up to 8 Fault Traces)


Voltage Decay

Sampling Rate 200 MHz
Measurement Range  Up to 64 km
Measurement Accuracy ±1%
Best Resolution 1m
Pulse Amplitude (OCV) 30V
Pulse Width 40nS to 10µS
Output Impedance 5Ω to 87Ω
Velocity of Propagation (V) 90 - 300 m/µs
Memory 300 Waveforms
Connectivity USB, Direct Download to Pen drive
Display 8” Colour Touchscreen LCD
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion, Suitable for 8 hour operation
Power Supply 90V to 264V AC, 47 to 63 Hz, Single Phase
Environmental (Operation) -10°C to +50°C, up to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Environmental (Storage) -20°C to 70°C, up to 98% RH (Non-Condensing)
Dimension 339mm x 295mm x 152mm
Weight 4.5 kg



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