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CFL SG 3220

CFL SG 3220

Surge Generator is the backbone of underground cable fault locator test systems. Surge Generator is used with a Prelocator and SIM Filter for fault distance measurement and also used with PinPointer Set for pinpointing the exact fault spot.

SCOPE offers CFL SG 3220, Surge Generator with output of 32kV and 2000 Joules. It is ideal choice for fault location on all types of power cables from LV to EHV. CFL SG Series is equipped with different Protections, Interlocks and Auto-discharge Facility to ensure User Safety during operation. User Friendly controls, adequate form factor, contact free HV terminations makes this CFL SG Series most durable and best-designed sets in the segment.


  • Compact, Lightweight, and housed in rugged aluminum case
  • Ideal choice for fault location on all type of power cables
  • Backbone of Cable Fault Locator System
  • Generates short duration high voltage surge for fault break down
  • Built-in Current Coupler to determine the fault distance in conjunction with Prelocator unit
  • Repetitive surges applied for pinpointing the exact fault location in conjunction Pinpointing set
  • Supports SIM/ARM/MIM method for locating High resistance and flashing faults along with Prelocator and SIM Filter from CFL Series
  • Available with optional modes such as DC Hi-Pot, Burn Down and Sheath Fault Location Mode
  • Multiple options in a single instrument to avoid carrying several heavy instruments to the site
  • Easy setup and intelligent protections make high voltage testing safe & reliable
  • Compatible with other models of SCOPE make CFL Series


Parameter CFL SG 3220
Output Voltage Ranges 0 – 8kV / 16kV / 32kV selectable
Output Energy Max. 2000J in each voltage range

Impulse Sequence (Surge Rate)

Single Impulse (Manual) / 3 Sec / 6 Sec / 9 Sec or        Single Impulse (Manual) / 2 Sec / 4 Sec / 8 Sec (Optional)

Output Indication Moving Coil Analog Meter for Output Voltage measurement Moving Coil Analog Meter for Leakage Current measurement in Optional DC Modes
Measurement Accuracy ±5% of selected range
Input Supply 230V AC ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 10%, Single Phase, 1.8 kVA max.
Cooling Type Air Cooled
Dimensions 835 x 810 x 880 mm
Weight  (without trolley and test leads)

Without Optional DC Modes: 160kg approx.

With Optional DC Modes: 165kg approx.

Environmental (Operation)

0°C to 50°C, up to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)

Environmental (Storage)

-10°C to 55°C, up to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)

Optional DC Modes Voltage Current Timer / Pulse Ratio*
Hi-Pot 0-32kV 6/12/24mA 5/10/15min
Burn Down 0-8/16/32kV 240/120/60mA 3min
Sheath Fault 0-8kV 240mA *3/6/9s On & 100ms Off
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