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SCOPE proudly intoduces new version of Calibration Standart SCALE TCV, specially designed to check calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments of SCOPE. Highly stable and precise signals of SCALE TCV are applied to SCOT and HISAC series instruments for calibration. SCALE TCV is calibrated from acceredited calibration laboratory and is provided with calibration certificate having traceability to national standards.


  • Simple, lightweight, portable
  • Linear ramp signal generation for calibration of Trael and Velocity
  • Highly stable current source for calibration of Current channels
  • Contacts having precise close and open time for calibration of Timing channels
  • Calibration port for calibration os SCALE TCV from external Standard
  • Specially designed to calibrate SCOPE make SCOT and HISAC series products


Technical Specifications

Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value
1  Open Time (Main)  50 mSec 5  Current  1 A
2  Close Time (Main)  100 mSec 6  Ramp Voltage  4 V
3 Open Time (Auxiliary) 30 mSec 7 Open Ramp Time  75 mSec
4 Close Time (Auxiliary) 75 mSec 8 Close Ramp Time  150 mSec

General Specification

  • Weight - Approx 3 kg
  • Dimensions - 225mm x 150mm X 85 mm
  • Power supply - 230 V AC + 15%, 50 Hz + 10%
  • Environment - 0 to 50°, 95% RH (Non-condensing), typical testing labs.


  • Soft carrying case
  • Test leads suitable for calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments.
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration procedure manual
  • Calibration Cetificate from acceredited calibration laboratory having traceability to national standards
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SCOPE offers High Resistance, High Voltage Decade Resistance Box - DecR. It contains number of smartly configured precision resistors. They are arranged in such a way that user can obtain desired resistance value by selecting appropriate decade switches. DecR is designed using the high quality specially selected resistors. These range of high ohm resistance decades are ideal for variety of applications, having a voltage rating up to 5 kV. It covers the resistance range from 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm. DecR can also be customized as per requirement. DecR is housed in a rugged case and available in 3 / 4 / 6 / 9 decades or in binding post configuration 


  • Lowest Resistance : 0.01Ω
  • Highest Resistance : 11TΩ
  • Max Voltage : 5kV
  • Best Accuracy : ± 0.1% to ±2%
  • Temp. Coefficient : 50ppm/°C
  • Volt. Coefficient : 1ppm/V
  • Configurable Decade or Binding Post