We at SCOPE T&M Pvt Ltd are committed to offer products, services and unique solutions of the highest quality at the right price through the process of close interactions with the customer, incorporating latest and smart technological developments, satisfying all applicable requirements and continuous learning and improvement within company.

Emphasis is given on continual employee and suppliers training, their complete involvement, creating sense of ownership & pride in work being done.

Employee satisfaction is ensured through transparent interrelationships, and by valuing and rewarding each person's efforts.

We acknowledge integrity, fairness, wisdom and social responsibility as ingredients of profitable growth leading to recognition as a world-class Company. 


Seek ultimate customer satisfaction by offering products and services of the highest quality through the process of continuous learning and improvement.

Ensure employee satisfaction through transparent interrelationships, and to value and reward each person's efforts.

Acknowledge integrity, fairness, wisdom and social responsibility as ingredients of profitable growth leading to recognition as a world-class Company.

For more than 30 years our principles had kept us driving

  • H - Honesty
  • D - Discipline
  • I - Integrity

SCOPE from its initial days has always believed in “Make In India” & therefore set up its R&D to provide “Simple Solutions for Difficult Measurements”. SCOPE entered into manufacturing of Test & Measurement instrument. With the support of the customers, SCOPE has been aggressive to step out of regular development to provide the expected customized solutions for the customer. Our Customer who has been our greatest support always provided their helping hand due to which we were able to deliver the products matching expectations of customer.

SCOPE in last decade has expanded its wing from Test & Measurement Manufacturing to providing Test and Commissioning Services in field of testing Sub-station from LV- HV- EHV & UHV. SCOPE has also expanded in providing Protection Solutions through engineering and design of CRP & SAS panels.

We are committed to our customer to provide solutions which not only exceed their technical requirements but also make it cost- effective available solutions.

 Year  Corporate Development Product and/Or Service Introduced
2016   We were awarded for overall Category in ELECRAMA 2016 for wireless Leakage Current Analyser, SURGE ARRESTOR - SA30i+
2012  Partnership with Vizimax Inc, Canada  Point on Wave Controller & Remote Terminal Unit were Introduced in Indian Market
2010  SCOPE gets its International Business Division   Best Product award at ELECRAMA for SURGE ARRESTOR Testing Instrument SA30i
2009  SCOPE entered into protection Business with CRP & SAS to start with  
2007  SCOPE entered into Substation Services with ISOSCELES  
1996    Best Product award at ELECRAMA for HISAC 2406
1989   First Product was launched As Circuit Breaker Timer