Grid Analytics Platform (GAP), a disruptive technology, which eradicates the need of investing in huge servers to access the data. Now the data could be accessed through the cloud, but while doing so no compromise on cyber security is done. 

Grid Analytics platform - has built its analytics on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) which not only eradicates human calculation error but also increases efficiency through the latest technology. OrxaGrid also developed smart sensors for collecting data from Transformers & distribution feeders through STEM & SEED respectively. 

Grid Analytics Platform (GAP) help with

  • Load flow studies
  • SAIDI-SAIFI calculations
  • Detecting Power Theft
  • Condition monitoring of Assets - which helps in taking timely shutdowns to avoid breakdowns
  • Real-time insights on your PC, Mobile phones  

Recently our GAP software won the Award for Most Innovative  - at Digital Transformation Award (DX Awards) organized by CII. This award is no less recognition because we won through 380+ participants.