• Infrared trouble shooting in power plants, petro-chemicals, scientific research, fire fighting, building inspection, metallurgy, etc.

  • Low cost real-time Infra red camera
  • Camera symbolizes easy-to-use, standard and professional, developing for those application that need instant infrared trouble shooting
  • Low Power consumption
  • Free analysis software

Detector Type   Uncooled FPA microbolometer
Array Size / Format   160 x 120
Field of View / Min Focus Distance   18 x 13 / 0.3m
Spatial Resolution (IFOV)   1.9 mrad
Thermal Sensitivity   ≤ 1C @30C
Frame Rate   50 / 60Hz
Focus   Manual
Electronic Zoom   2X
Spectral Range   8 - 14µm
LCD   Built-in high resolution color 2.5" LCD
Temperature Ranges   -20C - +350C (optional up to +600 C
Accuracy   ±2C or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
Measurement Correction   Automatic / Manual
Measurement Mode   Up to 4 movable spots, up to 3 movable areas (maximum, minimum and average temperature), Line profile, Isotherm, Temperature difference, Alarm (voice, color)
Color Palette   11 palettes changeable
Image Adjustment   Auto / Manual gain and brightness
Setup Function   Date / Time, temperature unit, language
Emissivity Correction   Variable from 0.01 to 1.0
Ambient Temperature correction   Automatic corrections according to user input
Atmospheric transmission corrections   Automatic correction according to user input, object distance, relative humidity, ambient temperature
Storage Memory   Built-in flash memory up to 2000 images
Storage Mode   Automatic / Manual single image saving
File Format Thermal   JPEG 14 bit thermal image with measurement data
Voice Annotation   Input via inbuilt microphone up to 40 seconds of digital voice per image stored with image
Laser Pointer   Class 2, 1mW / 635nm (red)
Battery Type   Li-ion, rechargeable
Battery Operating time   3 hours continuous operation
Charging System   Intelligent charger or power supply adaptor (optional), online charge
Power saving   Yes
External Power   10 to 15V DC
Operating Temperature   -15C to +50C
Humidity   ≤ 90% non-condensing
Encapsulation   IP 54
Weight   0.6Kg
Dimension   250 x 100 x 72
External DC Output   Yes
Audio Output   Yes
Video Output   Pal / NTSC
USB   Image, measurement , Audio data transfer to PC

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