PW 336i

  • It is a state of the art three phase fully automatic relay test system.

  • All the current and voltage generators are overload and short-circuit protected with proper indication in software during test & on the front panel.
  •  All these generators are independent to each other and the amplitude, phase angle & frequency can be controlled independently.
  • All the generators can generate the Sine Signal from 1 to 1000Hz. Thus this can easily playback the COMTRADE files downloaded from the disturbance recorders through the proprietary Windows based software.
  • It is having eight binary inputs and four binary outputs. Wide input voltage range of 90-260V AC, 45-65Hz from single phase supply and Ethernet connectivity with PC, makes this rugged & lightweight instrument a truly Universal Relay Test System.
  • The other salient features of this instrument are as follows:
  • Six Current Generators (6 x 0-15A, 150VA)
  • Four Voltage Generators (4 x 0-150V, 60VA)
  • Separate Auxiliary DC Supply (0 - 300V,150W)

  • 6 x 15A, 4 x 150V

  • Aux DC (0 - 300V), DC measuring inputs
  • 8 binary inputs, 4 binary outputs
  • Adjustable threshold (0 - 400V) for binary inputs
  • In-built analog monitoring and recording function
  • Can be upgraded to support the test of IEC61850 complied relay 

Voltage Generators  
Current Generators  
Aux DC   0 - 300V
Counter Input  
Binary Inputs   8
Phase Angle  
Frequency sine  
Frequency Transient  
Binary output  
Low level output  
Control Mode   PC Control
Energy meter test   Support
IEC 61850 test facility  
Weight   20 Kgs
Transducer test   No
GPS/IRIG-B Interface  
Current Generators Power  
Voltage Generators Power  

  • Standard Accessories

    • Color coded current cable (4mm2x0.5m)
    • current cable(4mm2x4m)
    • Color coded voltage cable(2.5mm2x4m)
    • Signal cable(0.75mm2x4m)
    • Signal cable(0.75mm2x0.5m)
    • Crocodile clips(Jaws open 5mm)
    • Crocodile clips(Jaws open 10mm)
    • Crocodile clips(Jaws open 20mm)
    • U clamps (6mm)
    • Pin clamps
    • Power cord(250V/10A,2m)
    • Earthing lead(2.5mm2x4m)
    • PC control cable (LAN)
    • PW-A transportation casing
  • Optional Accessories
    • AR10 analog monitoring and recording unit
    • PGPS02 based synchronization device
    • IRIG-B based synchronization device
    • PSS01 Circuit Breaker  Simulator
    • PACB 108 scanning head
    • Heavy Duty Flat Folding Cart
    • Synchronization control cable

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