Current and Potential Transformer Testing Kit
  • Developed on low frequency and variable frequency methods
  • Available high knee point test range.
  • Light weight with large LCD display, on board memory, and computer interface.
  • testing CT by Voltage method.
  • Tests all types of CT, including bushing and GIS type CT as per IEC60055-1, IEC60044-66
  • PT test functions are also in-built
  • Inbuilt test functions such as:
    • Burden, Winding Resistance, Polarity, Excitation, Knee Point
    • Ratio Test, Percentage Error, Phase Angle, Accuracy Limiting Factor
    • Instrument Security Factor, Remanence Flux, Secondary Loop Time Constant
    • Unsaturated Inductance, Saturated Inductance, Rated Symmetrical Short Circuit Current Ratio
    • Secondary Limit emf / Accuracy Limiting Voltage, Transient Area Factor, Peak Instantaneous Error
    • Composite Error, Demagnetization, Safety Factor, Ratio Error & Phase Displacement. 
  • Ratio error and phase error list is automatically shown when the rated current is 1% to 300%
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PCT 200i Automatic CT/PT tester with large LCD display an no img
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