Circuit Breaker Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter
  • Registers the dynamic value of circuit breaker contact during "Close-Open" operation.
  • Injects 100A DC and displays in graphical form.
  • Plot a dynamic contact resistance curve, (DCRM signature)with the help of proprietary software.
  • Simultaneous recording of DCRM signatures of 6 breaker contacts.
  • Register the signature of contact travel up to 3 breaker mechanisms.
  • Register the current characteristics of close-and-trip coil of each pole.
  • All Of The Above Parameters Can Be Measured And Displayed In Single C-O Operation of Circuit Breaker.
  • Effective Tool for condition monitoring of circuit breaker
HISAC Ultima with DCRM view all
HISAC Ultima Universal Circuit Breaker Oerational Analyser to no img
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