SCOPE started in 1988 with the intent of designing portable test and measuring instruments to ensure the performance of equipment used in electrical substations. In a short span of time SCOPE has realized this vision and now provides Circuit Breakers, Surge Arrestor, Relay and Transformer Testing Equipment such as CB Analyzer, Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter, Leakage Current Analyzer, Micro-ohm Meter and Winding Resistance Meter. We are now a trusted brand for field-testing instruments & solutions in more than 30 countries across 5 continents.

We continue to pioneer through the process of continuous learning and improvement and we owe our success to the confidence with which our customers approach us for the highest quality solutions. We only work with high quality instruments, which you trust - at the right price. To ensure this we have a "State of the Art" factory, an independent R&D and a dedicated technical service & calibration centre located at Pune. For quick response and complete customer satisfaction, our corporate office is headquartered in Mumbai and regional sales offices are situated at Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. We are making it easier than ever for you to meet your equipment needs with our services.

SCOPE instruments are designed to work in live switchyards up to 1200kV. SCOPE has diversified into providing Online Monitoring instruments, Control & Relay Protection systems, Substation Automation systems, entire plant & substation maintenance packages and erection & testing services. When you need , you can rely on the ingenuity of SCOPE. We present a brief introduction of of our products and capabilities and hope that you will make challenging demands on us. 

SCOPE Group has separate business divisions focusing on the different activities that we are engaged in:

  • SCOPE R&D: Research and Development Division
  • SCOPE T&M: Portable Test and Measuring Instruments Division
  • SCOPE PBG: Project Business Division
  • SCOPE Cases: Industrial Cases Division
  • SCOPE Protect: Power System Protection Division
  • ISOSCELES: Power Sector Services Division


Thus, SCOPE is now beyond  and, we are now the One-Stop Solution Provider for:

  • Test and Measurement Instruments
  • On-line Monitoring Systems
  • Tools, Tackles & Safety Systems
  • Substation Automation
  • Digital Substation, SCADA, EMS, DMS, WAN Solutions
  • Substation Maintenance Management Software
  • Optical Grounding Cable (OPGW)
  • Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Professional Training Services
  • Industrial Cases
  • Calibration Services
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