Professionals demand reliable, accurate test instruments to help isolate problems, maintain vital processes and solve problems before they interrupt workflow or cause hazards in the facility. This is the single point resource for all your test and measurement equipment and Tools & Plants need. We only work with world-class brands, which you trust at the right price. We are making it easier than ever to meet your equipment needs with our service.

Our Range covers the following:

    Generator Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Transformer Testing & Maintenance Tools

    CT, PT, CVT Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Surge (Lightning) Arrestor Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Earth Switch, Isolator, Bus Bar Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Circuit Breaker Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Cable Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Transmission Tower & Line Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Motor Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Heavy Machinery Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Relay Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Meter Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Battery Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Communication Products Testing & Maintenance Tools

    Insulation Oil Testing Tools

    SF6 Handling Tools

    General Testing Tools

    Hand Tools

    Safety Tools








o   Winding Resistance Meter

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set

o   Insulation Analyzer

  Insulation Resistance

  Step Voltage Test

  Polarization & Absorption Index

o   Partial Discharge Test Set

o   Vibration Analyzer

o   Harmonic Analyzer

o   Tachometer

o   Electro Magnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID)

o   Wedge Tightness Detector

o   Hydrogen Leak Detector

o   Air Gap Flux Meter

o   Current Signature Analyzer


           Generator Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer

o   Winding Resistance Meter

o   Zero Sequence Tester

o   Heat Run Tester

o   Turns Ratio Tester

o   Polarity Tester

o   Connection Group (Vector Group) Tester

o   Load Tester (Short Circuit Test, Impedance Measurement)

o   Recovery Voltage Measurement & Time Constant Test Set

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set

o   Induced Voltage Test Set

o   Radio Influence Voltage (RIV) Test Set

o   Solid Di-electric Test Set

o   Partial Discharge Test Set

o   Magnetic Balance Test Set

o   Furnan Analyzer

o   Degree of Polymerization Test Set

o   Power Factor Meter

o   Core Insulation & Core Ground Test Set

o   Frequency Response Analyzer

o   Core Loss Test Set

o   Paper Insulation Analyzer

o   Flash Point Test Set of Oil

o   Temperature Monitor for






  Cooling System

o   OLTC Continuity & Resistance Measurement Test Set

o   OLTC Timing & DCRM Test Set

o   Buchholz Gas Analyzer

o   Dissolve Gas Analysis


           CT, PT, CVT

o   Winding Resistance Meter

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set

o   Polarity Tester

o   Turns Ratio Tester

o   Primary Current Injection Test Set

o   Knee Point Voltage Measurement Test Set

o   Burden Test Set


           Surge (Lightning) Arrestor

o   Leakage Current Analyzer


           Earth Switch, Isolator, Bus Bar

o   Contact Resistance (Micro-ohm) Meter


           Circuit Breaker

o   CB Timing Test Kit

o   Contact Resistance (Micro-ohm) Meter

o   Circuit Breaker Operation Analyzer

  Main Contact Timing

  PIR (Pre-Insertion Resistance) Timing

  Auxiliary Contact Timing

  Contact Travel & Velocity

  Coil Current

  Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement (DCRM)

o   First Trip Timing Test Kit

o   Ultrasound Test Set for micro cracks in insulators

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set

o   Vacuum Bottle Tester




o   Resonant Test System

o   Surge Wave Generator & Receiver

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set

o   Cable Route Tracer

o   Partial Discharge Test

o   Murray Loop Bridge

o   Heat Cycling Test Set

o   Sheath Fault Locator

o   Time Domain Reflectometer

o   Arc Reflection Filter

o   Cable Fault Locator


           Transmission Tower & Line

o   High Frequency Earth Tester

o   Hydraulic Compressor with Dies for ACSR Conductor

o   Contact Resistance (Micro-ohm) Meter

o   Transmission Line Fault Locator

o   Cable Tightner



o   Partial Discharge Test Set

o   Current Signature Analyzer

o   Vibration Analyzer

o   Harmonic Analyzer

o   Surge Test Set

o   Impulse Test Set

o   Winding Resistance Test Set

o   Stator winding Resistive Imbalance Test Set

o   Core Loss Tester

o   Motor Checker

o   Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test Set


           Heavy Machinery

o   Vibration Analyzer

o   Harmonic Analyzer

o   Current Signature Analyzer



o   1ph Relay Test Kit

o   3ph Relay Test Kit

o   Relay Tool Kit



o   Portable Energy Audit Kit

o   Reference Standard Meter

o   Portable Meter Test Kit

o   Phantom Load

o   Meter Test Bench



o   Battery Impedance Tester

o   Battery Load Bank

o   Battery Capacity Tester

o   Battery Charger

o   Hydrometer

o   Battery Discharger

o   DC Ground Fault Locator



o   Selective Level Generator

o   Phospometer

o   Selective Level Meter

o   Optical Time Domain Reflectomer (OTDR)

o   Return Loss, Impedance & Balance Measurement Test Set

o   Optical Power Meter

o   Optical Attenuator

o   Optical Fusion Splicer


           Insulation Oil Test Tools

o   Interfacial Tension Meter

o   Oil Di-electric (BDV) Test Set

o   Oil Moisture Content Test Set (Karl-Fisher)

o   Oil in Acidity Test Set

o   Oil Viscosity Test Set

o   Oil Resistivity & Tan Delta Test Set

o   Oil Storage Tank

o   Oil Filtration Plant

o   Oil Pump (Hand Operated)

o   Oil Sample Bottle

o   Oil Pump (Motorized)


           SF6 Handling Tools

o   SF6 Dew Point Test Set

o   SF6 Bottle / Cylinder

o   SF6 Leakage Detector

o   SF6 Evacuating & Refilling Device

o   SF6 Integrity Test Set

o   SF6 Purification Plant

o   SF6 Analyzer


           Common Tools

o   Insulation Analyzer

  Insulation Resistance

  Step Voltage Test

  Polarization & Absorption Index

o   Hi-Pot Test Set




o   Earth Resistance & Resistivity Meter

o   Infra-red (Thermo-vision) Camera

o   Live Line Camera

o   Corona Camera



           General Tools

o   Multimeter

o   Shunt

o   Tong Tester

o   Rheostat

o   Millivolt meter

o   Standard Current Transformer

o   Kilovolt meter

o   Standard Voltage Transformer

o   Variac / Dimmerstart

o   Regulated DC Power Source

o   Capacitance Meter

o   Regulated AC Power Source

o   Power Factor Meter

o   Signal Generator

o   Oscilloscope

o   Frequency Counter

o   LCR-Q Meter

o   Spectrum Analyzer

o   Logic Analyzer

o   Universal Counter

o   Power Quality Analyzer

o   Phase Sequence Indicator

o   Coating Thickness Gauge

o   Laser Distance Meter

o   Thermometer

  Non-contact (IR) Type

  Contact (RTD) Type

o   LUX Meter

o   Sound Level Meter

o   Thermo-Hygrometer

o   Flue Gas Analyzer

o   Phase Shifting Transformer

o   Combustion Gas Analyzer

o   Decade Resistance Bank

o   Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzer

o   Decade Capacitor Bank

o   Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer

o   Sound Level Meter

o   Dual Port Manometer

o   Mercury in Glass Thermometer

o   Refrigerant Leak Detector

o   Conductivity Meter

o   Natural Gas Leak Detector

o   ELCB Tester

o   Freon Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector

o   Loading Transformer

o   Oxygen Analyzer

o   Network Cable Tester

o   Penskey martin Flash Point Apparatus

o   ph Meter

o   Step-up Transformer

o   Pyrometer

o   Vacuum Pump

o   Vernier  Caliper


           Hand Tools

o   Measurement Tape

o   Soldering Iron

o   Allen Key Set

o   De-soldering Pump

o   Bolt Driver

o   SMD Rework Station

o   Bolt Cutter

o   Drill Machine

o   Bolt Tightner & Opener

o   Flashlight / Torch

o   Derrick

o   Grinding Machine

o   Bench Vice

o   Hammer

o   Chin Pulley Block

o   IC Lead Tester

o   Chisel

o   Jigsaw Gasket Cutter

o   Crimping Tool

o   Pull & Lift Machine

o   Ladder

o   Screw Driver

o   Nut Driver

o   Socket

o   Plier

o   Surveyor Umbrella

o   Walky Talky

o   Tool Kit Box

o   Wire Gauge / Micro-meter

o   Tool Kit Box with Tools

o   Wire Stripper

o   Wrench

o   Punch


           Safety Tools

o   Wind Sock

o   Artificial Respiration Kit

o   Shock Treatment Chart

o   Gas Mask

o   Reflective Jacket

o   High Voltage Detector

o   Reflective Tape

o   Hand Glove / Sleeve

o   Safety Belt

o   Insulated Rubber Mat

o   Safety Shoe

o   Insulated Apron

o   Gumboot

o   Insulated Suit

o   Aerial Lift Test Set

o   Helmet

o   Safety Goggles

o   Hot Stick

o   Ear Plug / Muff

o   Earthing / Discharge Rod

o   Fire Extinguisher

o   First Aid Box

o   Dry Chemical Type & Foam Type




With the in-depth knowledge and understanding of Switchyard / Substation equipment and their testing requirements for last 25 years, SCOPE has now become the single point source for the supply requirements of Tools and Tackles and executing the Project Orders on Turnkey basis. Thus, SCOPE PBG has become the Project Partner for almost all the EPCs across the country

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