SCHELOG: Maintenance Management Software

  • A system by which maintenance of equipment is scheduled and monitored
  • Easy & user friendly graphical user interface
  • Startup graphics is in the form of single line diagrams for substations Visual Alarms
  • Separate tabs for Auxiliary and Protection equipment in the startup GUI
  • Schedules the tests automatically as per test frequency for every year and logs the data, logged data is available in terms of reports and analysis


  • Schedule test activities for the various devices (Function as well as Support devices)
  • Monitor test activities, Collect and analyze test results
  • Take timely action thereby minimizing the possibility of a system failure


  • EUT (Equipment Under Test) Information
    • EUT Type & Location info
    • Component Hierarchy & History
  • Test Schedule - shows all pending tests at various stages
    • Substation Information
    • EUT location & type
    • Test Definition, Details and Parameters
    • Test Instrument with Instrument Owner & Owner Hierarchy
    • Instrument details including category, Type, Serial No., Make and Calibration details
    • User List & Approve Level
    • Test procedure for each test as attachments
    • Facility to reschedule tests, Skip tests, Disapprove and Approve tests with condition
  • Alarms
    • Allows a user to Schedule tests and raise alarm for tests. Scheduled - to be set by Administrator
    • Alarms are raised until either the test is conducted or it is rescheduled
    • Alarms are raised for calibration of the support equipment (e.g. test instruments)
    • Alarms are also raised in case a device fails to clear tests
  • Forms and Reports
    • Collection of the test data are in user-friendly form, designed as per the company norms
    • Reports are available for viewing collected data, uniformity in reports throughout the organization
    • Design new report formats with the Provision to add pre-commissioning values
    • Consolidated Schedule Reports
    • Major Maintenance Reports
    • Failure Reports
    • Trend Analysis & Component Performance
  • Analysis
    • SCHELOG assists in analyzing collected data
    • Maintains a history of all devices, test schedules and EUT locations
    • Compares test results of different types of EUT against test parameter
  • Roles
    • Role Management - required access of the software to different role users only by the administrator
    • Roles can be defined depending on the hierarchy inn the company

All roles (and thereby users) are not able to avail of all features of SCHELOG


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